Best of the Season Package

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Best of the Season Package


We are so excited about our new Best of the Season package! It has a few treats included. 

2016 Almanac White- this delicious, bright white is only available in this package or through the LCBO, a great way to try out a potential new summer favorite! 

2017 Sauvignon Blanc- our first sauvignon blanc in 7 years! The stars aligned in 2017 to allow us to make two 500 L barrels of this delicious white. Tropical fruit aromas are balanced perfectly with soft green notes.

2013 Chardonnay 'Reserve'- aged to perfection, this Chardonnay has classic lemon & pear notes but with a twist. Beautiful nutty and spicy aromas compliment the fresh fruit notes perfectly. This wine has never shown better than it does today! 

2017 Gamay Rosé- we are so excited to release this beautiful crisp rosé for you all! Made with 100% Gamay grapes in the saignée method. This rosé is dry, but still very fruity with notes of strawberry, cherry and a nice herbal tones.  

2015 Pinot Noir- a unicorn wine! Only 15 barrels were made in 2015 due to the frost, but it is one of my favorite Pinot Noirs we have ever made! Classic County profile of sour cherry, herbs, and spice. 

2014 Cabernet Franc- this is a pre-release and only available in this package for at least another month! This new cab franc will be a must-have BBQ wine this summer! Dark fruits, smoke and a touch of black & green pepper. 

Oh, and wine club members will get a complimentary Grange wine tote bag with the purchase of this package :)

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