Sparkling Riesling 'Limited Edition'

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20171031_154955 (1).jpg
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Sparkling Riesling 'Limited Edition'


We recommend purchases of 3 or 6 bottles of wine to economize on shipping. We will contact you for larger orders to make special shipping arrangements.

Tasting Notes:

A fun sparkling style for the season. Bright Riesling character made in a semi-dry style. The effervescence helps to create a light, airy palette. Notes of green apple, pear and a nice mineral finish.

We partnered with local pattern artist Kate Golding to create a beautiful label that represents the wine and our farm in Prince Edward County. The 'wild daisy' pattern is perfect for the playful wine.

Peer Review:

“Bright, crystal clear light pale platinum in the glass. Aromas of honey and pears. Waves of fizzy bubbles hit the palate and refresh with honey, pears, apples and candied lemon. A nice clean off dry finish lingers! Enjoyed with a triple Blue Brie! Tasted Nov 2017. Loving the Daisy's on the label (they are the winemakers favourite flower).” - Lise Charest Gagne

Production: 250 cases

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