10-10-15 Grange 138.jpg

2017 was quite the season at the Grange, we hardly know where to begin!  The 2016/2017 winter was very moderate, giving us a chance to work through the off season on many projects we had put off in the past. There was however, as there most often is, a cold spell through the end of February and March making us very glad we buried our vines. The spring had a slow start, it was moderately cool through April and budburst was a few days late. But we were pleased to report no frost, and we had smooth sailing through May.

May and June were quite wet and we were challenged to find days to work in the vineyard. Flowering was slow to start but by the beginning of August the season was back on track. The heat of the summer came all at once with many days above 30 degrees helping us catch up on lost time.

In the end we are expecting to harvest a great crop of beautiful fruit. While it may be a smaller harvest due to some challenges during flowering we are still expecting to harvest lovely grapes and produce beautiful wines.